Some of us have people to buy gifts for other than co-workers, and other magic players. I confess, that much of my life I’ve spent playing magic I haven’t had a long term girlfriend. The times I had a person that I was dating it was pretty much agreed that we don’t get anything too big. Its an awkward time in a relationship when you share relative interests but nothing direct like say Comics or Star Wars, or a soul crushing love for playing EDH. Times in my past when I had a Girlfriend to buy for I severely bungled it by trying to go over the top and buying something to indoctrinate her into my world. Not everyone wants the Original Trilogy on DvD. I’ve had some really huge gift buying blunders. But with time and a series of crash and burns comes clarity and experience. Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend might not play Magic but you can still find gifts that express your feelings without making them feel like you’re buying a gift for yourself.

1. Board Games

I suggest something a step above monopoly but nothing so out there that its gonna be a chore to get them to play. Settlers of Catan is a classic game that’s nice a simple and can be a blast if you’re hosting a small party. 3-6 players is a great night-in game. And you haven’t spent a Friday night with what’s-his-name since Theros came out and you got hooked on a Mono-Blue Winning Streak.

2. Classes and have a ton of really cool activities that you can do/buy for the target of your affections. Bartending, kendo (Samurai sword fighting) and cooking classes are all fun ways to spend time with the person you care about. Most classes cost less than a tier one mythic in Standard. And I’ll keep pounding this point home, you should probably spend more time hanging out with your Girlfriend and less time grinding PTQs, it’s the Holidays. Grinding is for January and February.

3. Equipment

Everyone has a hobby. Photography. Magic. Stamp collecting. Knitting. All of these things have a long list of peripherals that make the hobby easier. Bags for cameras memory cards, card holders for memory cards. Needles, stamp books. The hobby is some kind of outdoor activity then think gear. It’s the kind of gift that shows you’re paying attention even when it looks like you’re just practicing Storm in bed while he’s reading Popular Photographer.

4. Trinkets

Everyone loves shiny things. If you’re lucky enough to live in NYC there’s a ton of holiday markets with artisans that hand-make jewelry and such. Etsy is another great spot to find gift ideas. Anything from crystals to T-shirts that say, “I’m with Mr. 0-2 Drop.”

5. DVD Collection of an entire Series.

Adventure Time, Archer, BSG hell Friday Night Lights. Something that guarantees a few hours a week you will be together. It’s seems a little self serving. But hear me out. Watching an entire series of a show you like with someone creates a dialogue. You can reference things together. You’ll have in jokes about characters. These are the sort of things that a relationship is built on. Shared experience. Knowing that Sheryl changed her name to Carol on episode 2 and owns a ocelot named Zaboo (WHO IS AWESOME) is just icing on the cake.

The point here is really gifts that bring you closer together. It’s ok to miss FNM for a Movie date and its ok if you know more about your boyfriend than you do about Jace. Got any other awesome gift ideas for people you love that don’t flop cards? Lemme know in the comments. I’ll retweet the good ones.

Zac Clark Durdle Magus

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