Commander Corner

Deck Tech: Leinore, Autumn Sovereign

Luka steps far outside their comfort zone with a potent Selesnya deck which isn’t grounded in combo.

Grading the Best Counterspells In Commander

What are the best counterspells for your Commander deck? Luka helps you choose which cards you should include.

Set Retrospective: Invasion

Luka takes a look back at the revolutionary multicolor set, to see which cards still see play in Commander over two decades later.

The Saltiest Commander Cards

What makes a card one of the saltiest in Commander? Luka is here to discuss the saltiest of the bunch, and where they stand today.

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The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Commander Review

Luka is here with an extensive look at cards to consider from the most ambitious crossover set ever.

How To Spot A Commander Staple

What makes a staple stand out, and how do we figure out what cards will get pricey before they do? Luka is here to help.

Commander Corner Highlight: Rankle and Torbran

Treasure tokens, sacrificing creatures, damage amplification, all on one card? Luka takes us on a tour through a dynamic build of this duo.

Commander Corner Retrospective: Prophecy

Spellshapers, Rhystic effects, and a whole cast of oddballs. Luka takes us on a tour through the third and final Masques set.

Commander Corner Highlight: Rona, Herald of Invasion

Luka is here to talk about a potent new Dimir commander from March of the Machine, at the helm of a reanimator shell.

Commander Corner Opinion: Spot Removal Is Getting Worse

How good is your removal suite these days? Is it as powerful as you remember it? Luka is here to discuss the state of removal In Commander.

Commander Corner Highlight: Orthion, Hero of Lavabrink

One good creature is fun, but how about five copies of it? Luka has a spicy monored deck to ignite some fire at the table.