Zack Kanner


Leveling Up

The Ups and Downs of Magic Tournament Life

Zack tells some stories and shares some lessons about the grind.

Modern Super League

Team Modern Super League 2 Week 1 Recap

Week 1 was an excellent start to the new season!

Leveling Up

Beating Planeswalkers—Building Your Own Immortal Sun

How to fight the planeswalker menace.

Leveling Up

The Pillars of War of the Spark Standard

Building a new Standard format takes time.

Card Kingdom

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Leveling Up

How to Train Your Bolas

Zack took his Grixis Bolas brew to a top 32 finish at the SCG Richmond Open.

Leveling Up

Adding War of the Spark to Standard

How should you approach the first week of a new set in an existing Standard format?

Leveling Up

Modern Winners and Losers for Mythic Championship II London

What decks are feeling good going into Mythic Championship II London? Which ones are too confident?

Leveling Up

Don’t Be So Limited

What can Limited teach us about playing Constructed?

Leveling Up

Balance is More than a Magic Card

How do you manage your work and social life while grinding Magic tournaments?

Leveling Up

Don’t Be a Pet

Being open to changing decks is a key part of winning.

Leveling Up

Mental Magic

Don’t let this happen to you.