Now that Standard has been evolving for two weeks, the format has started to define itself. Two weeks ago I wrote about cards that would make a splash in the new Standard. Let’s go back to see if I made good predictions or if I missed some important cards.

There were a few cards that I correctly predicted would be busts. Finale of Devastation and Casualties of War as prime examples. These were easy callouts, but would not be surprised if they did get slotted in a few existing decks.

One card that I am surprised that has not seen serious play is God-Eternal Bontu. Some MCQ players used it with success, but it is too good not to see more action. I am sure there will be a good list to come out of the Syracuse Open this weekend.

What about he cards I predicted would be good? Enter the God-Eternals has prevlent throughout Standard. Esper Hero has been amongst the top decks in the format since week one, and you see one to three copies of this powerful sorcery in all the lists. Even Esper Control has been playing one or two copies in the maindeck or sideboard. I don’t see this card diminishing in playability, either.

Another one of the cards I labeled as a hit was Finale of Promise. Granted this one took some time to see the light of play, but there were two MCQ-winning Izzet Phoenix decks. All of the lists played this powerful sorcery, and the card is a big reason why Izzet Phoenix continues to put up results in the new Standard.

With that out of the way, let’s look at some of the pillars of War of the Spark Standard. First up is a card that really showed the power level at the Richmond Open: Chandra, Fire Artisan. This card will be here to stay for awhile, even if the format moves away from Mono Red. Chandra really excelled in the four-drop slot for Mono Red because it provies card advantage like Experimental Frenzy but is much harder to answer for non-black decks.

So what happens if Mono Red gets worse and there isn’t a red-based aggro deck? Easy! Chandra also slots very well into midrange decks that want the card advantage but not Experimental Frenzy. For example, there is that Gruul Planeswalker Monster deck that includes Chandra as a key curve filler.

Next up we have the new three-mana blue planeswalkers. I am looking at you Teferi, Time Raveler and Narset, Parter of Veils. These cards have been taking Standard by storm. Looking at Teferi, he is similar to Chandra as talked about previously. Teferi can slot into a various decks. Currently it’s in Esper Control, Esper Hero, and Bant Midrange. For Esper Control Teferi acts like a win condition. Being able to bounce Oath of Kaya to keep doing its best Lightning Helix impression helps against decks like Nexus that don’t auto-lose to Teferi, Hero of Dominaria’s ultimate.

Esper Hero combines Teferi, Time Raveler with cards like Enter the God-Eternals and Thought Erasure. Being able to use these spells at instant speed while also knowing they will fully resolve is big game. Bant Midrange doubles up on Flash with Vivien, Champion of the Wilds.

Narset, Parter of Veils isn’t as flexible as Teferi, but this card will be a three-mana staple in all control decks or planeswalker-themed midrange decks. The static ability helps to not fall behind opposing card advantage engines. Also the minus on Narset is mirrors Search of Azcanta, so it is likely to take over that slot completely once Search rotates.

The last card that I see finding its home for awhile is God-Eternal Oketra. People are comparing this card to The Scarab God, and that card plagued Standard for its whole existence. The hard-to-answer engine is a perfect top end to aggro decks and midrange decks like Bant. Oketra makes even a late Llanowar Elf into a scary threat. This card will be a nightmare for control decks to answer if it resolves, and aggro decks will never be fight through the army that follows it.  Expect to see this card for a long time.

Now I want to hear from everyone on what their favorite Standard card has been so far!

Zack is a SCG grinder with one ultimate goal: getting to the Players Championship. Based out of NYC, you can find him in other cities every weekend trying to hit that goal. When he isn’t traveling he streams. Follow his journey on Twitter!

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