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The Recipients of the 16 Discretionary Invites for Mythic Championship III Las Vegas Announced

They include eight women, three Hall of Famers, but not Eli Loveman.


The Magic Pro League’s Inaugural Spark Split Flickers and Fades

The Magic Pro League’s Spark Split concluded on Friday in front of a meager audience of around 3,000 viewers.


Nelson, Braun-Duin, Yukuhiro, and Sato Win Their Magic Pro League Divisions

They advance directly to the Top 16 on Day 2 of the upcoming Mythic Championship III in Las Vegas, Nevada.


AliasV Announces the Super Spiffy Tournament II, Sign Ups Are Now Open

It will take place on MTG Arena from July 13 and 14, 2019.

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1 Billion Games Have Been Played on MTG Arena

Use the MTG Arena code OneBillion for a free War of the Spark Booster pack.

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The London Mulligan Will Become the Official Mulligan Rule With the Release of Core Set 2020 in July

It will be live on MTG Arena and MTGO July 2 and change for tabletop on July 5.

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Animated MTG Series Coming to Netflix from Avengers: Endgame Directors Joe and Anthony Russo

The series is reported to have an extremely experienced production crew.

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Red Bull Untapped Tournament Series Announced With a $200,000 Prize Pool

Four qualifier tournaments for a Top 8 Finals on August 4.

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Chris Clay, Game Director of MTG Arena, Leaves Wizards of the Coast

He will be replaced as Game Director by Jay Parker.

Modern Super League

Team Modern Super League 2 Begins Tonight at 9PM Eastern

Eight teams, five different decks each, and a whole lot of Modern.