The second edition of Randy Buehler’s Team Modern Super League 2 kicks off tonight at 9PM Eastern (-4 GMT) on

The Teams

The Team Modern Super League 2 is made up of eight teams with a minimum of three players. Those teams are:

Scary Pterrys

Emma Handy, Meghan Wolff, Autumn Burchett 

Autumn Burchett is a new member of the Magic Pro League. Emma Handy is a commentator and writer for Star City Games. Meghan Wolff is the cohost of Good Luck, High Five podcast.

Play Design Team

Melissa DeTora, Paul Cheon, Donald Smith, Andrew Brown, Michael Hinderaker, Jadine Klomparens, Adam Prosak, Michael Majors 

Melissa DeTora and Paul Cheon return from the Play Design Team won the first Team Modern Super League last year. All members are a part of Play Design in Wizards of the Coast Research and Development.

Brothers Who Bash

Corey Baumeister, Brad Nelson, Brian Braun-Duin 

Brad Nelson and Brian Braun-Duin are members of the Magic Pro League. Corey Baumeister is a Magic pro in his own right and is Nelson’s brother. All three are cohosts of the Bash Bros Podcast.


Matt Nass, Sam Pardee, Andy Baeckstrom (w/ LSV and Josh Utter-Leyton)

Matt Nass is a member of the Magic Pro League. Sam Pardee and Andy Baeckstrom are well-known Magic pros.


Reid Duke, Gabriel Nassif, Logan Nettles

Reid Duke is a member of the Magic Pro League. Gabriel Nassif is a member of the Magic Hall of Fame. Logan Nettles is a Magic pro.

Brew Crew

Saffron Olive, Corbin Hosler, Caleb Durward, and Pleasant Kenobi 

All four members are well-known Magic content creators from MTGGoldfish, TCGPlayer, Tempo Storm, and ChannelFireball.

Mage Market

Andreas Petersen, Michael Bonde, and Thomas Enevoldsen 

All three are members of the Mage X MTG Mind Card team in the Mythic Championship Pro Team Series. Petersen won Vintage Super League’s Season 9 in April.

Stream Team

Jess Estephan, April King, MTGNerdGirl 

Jess Estephan is one of the most recent members of the Magic Pro League. April King is a streamer and Twitter personality Cube April. MTGNerdGirl is a streamer for Tempo Storm.

The Format

Each team will play two Best-4-matches-of-7 rounds of Modern Constructed, after which the two 2-0 teams advance directly to the Top 4, while the two 0-2 teams are eliminated. The four remaining 1-1 teams will play another round with the winners taking the other two slots in the Top 4.

Every week, each of the two teams will bring five different Modern decks, with no two decks overlapping by more than 12 total non-land, non-sideboard cards. For the first match, one of a team’s three players will choose one of those five decks and play a Best-of-3 match against a member of the opposing team. Players will keep playing the same deck until they lose, at which point they are out until everyone on their team has a loss, while the deck cannot be chosen again. The first team to win four matches wins the round.

The first Team Modern Super League began in February 2018 with the same format and rules. Play Design Team, which was made up of Paul Cheon, Tom Ross, Melissa de Tora, and Dan Burdick, won the league without losing a round. They defeated ChannelFireball (Eric Froehlich, Ben Stark, Mike Sigrist, and Matt Nass) in the finals.

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