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Power and Toughness

Team Draft League Week Three: Overlord and Green Twin

Matt loves PRO TOURS! And he reports on Team Draft League week three.

Draftasaurus Rex

BNG THS THS with Jesse and Micah

Matt invites Micah and Jesse into his home for a BNG THS THS PreRe draft and they have tons of fun!

Power and Toughness

Team Draft League Week Two and the Big Tilt

Matt loses his shit after a few nights with little sleep and tilts hard via GoPro.

Power and Toughness

Team Draft League Week One: Going Pro

Matt treats us to video footage of the ScryDucks’ Team Draft League week one match vs. the Clockwork Bea(s)ts.

Card Kingdom

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Draftasaurus Rex

Theros Draft #1

Matt, Hugh, Kadar, and Nick draft Theros on MODO and talk, a lot.

Power and Toughness

Born of the Gods Two-Headed Giant and the Birth of ScryDucks

Matt relays his Born of the Gods Two-Headed Giant Prerelease experience. (Thrilling.)

Power and Toughness

Power and Toughness + Arting Around—Born of the Gods

“They’re solids, Odo. You must remember that.” “But they’re my friends.” Jones tears through a mostly Magic-less week. With lots of photos!

Power and Toughness

Mer de Noms

Matt drools over Vintage, rocks mono-black, and says goodbye to Jason Chan.

Power and Toughness

Team Draft League

The Obliterator champions team draft, makes a few insults, and is super sore from Pilates followed by basketball (though he makes no mention if this in his article).

Power and Toughness

What We Done?

Matt feels like Magic is slipping away from him—again. Also, some art!

Power and Toughness

Phoning It In: Part One

The Obliterator barely gets through 500 words this week, the Holidays have eaten his Magical soul.