This week at Draftasaurus Rex I invited Micah and Jesse to come draft BNG THS THS with me. There are many MTG communities I float between, and these two have something to do with the first MTG group I played with upon returning to the game (at Fat Cat in the West Village, mostly EDH, but occasionally drafting). They’re weirdos and I love’em. Here’s their info:


Jesse Lehrer started playing Magic when Unlimited and Revised were around. As a kid he played a couple tournaments, and generally had fun while trading dual lands for sick cards like Royal Assassin and Force of Nature. HELLZ yeah! He stopped after a release for Ice Age for unknown reasons (video games and lack of money). Many years later he returned from seven months living abroad in Guatemala. His first day home he wandered the streets of NYC to let all the culture shock sink in. He ran into his friend Micah who promptly invited him to “get vegan ice cream and go play Magic.” HELLZ yeah! He’s been playing off and on ever since Alara block, mostly enjoying drafting new sets when they come out and playing silly EDH games.


Micah V started playing Magic: The Gathering two weeks before the release of Shadowmoor on a whim with some friends, as is the reasonable thing to do when you’re 26 and have never played something like Magic before. After playing casually at Neutral Ground for awhile and having some really cool dingus convince him that trading a Thoughtseize away for a Dauntless Dourbark is a totally great idea (I mean, come on, they’re both rare, so that math works out really well and, like, who’s going to want to lose that two life anyway??), he was hooked!! Though Micah primarily focuses on EDH, he has bested Connor “Purple” Hayes on multiple occasions in a variety of limited formats.

Let’s get right into it!

Draft & Deck Building #1

Draft #1 Rounds One—Games One and Two

Draft #1 Round One—Game Three

Draft #2

Deck Building #2

Draft #2 Round One—Game One

Draft #2 Round One—Game Two

Draft #2 Round Two—Game One

Draft #2 Round Two—Game Two

Draft #2 Round Two—Game Three

Draft #2 Round Three—Game One

Draft #2 Round Three—Game Two

And that’s it. We went 2-1 in the BNG PreRe. I had a blast with Jesse and Micah. A total blast. Y’all have any thoughts on our drafts? I bought a sweet new mic so the sound will be less shitty, apologies for that. It gets better every time.

Thanks for reading!

Love to all,
Matt Jones
MTGO: The_Obliterator
Twitter: Die_Obliterator
Matt Jones is a sometimes PWP grinder, all the time spell slinger, and one passionate dude. He started playing at the end of Revised and quit at Exodus. Upon sobriety and running out of self-help groups to join, Jones picked Magic back up at New Phyrexia, found his favorite non-Necropotence card, Phyrexian Obliterator, and earned himself a nickname. He loves Constructed and tolerates Limited.

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