Matt Jones

Art Director, President, Deliverer From Obscurity


Power and Toughness

GPDC Part Three: The Art Part

Matt Jones finishes his epic GPDC trilogy by leaving the event site and visiting our Nation’s capitol (and art museums).

Power and Toughness

GPDC Part Two: Tusk

Jones blasts through the thrilling second half of day one at GPDC playing Standard GW and Modern Affinity. Did he make it to Hooters? Read on, brave reader.

Power and Toughness

GPDC Part One: Rumors

Jones rounds up his GPDC Main Event experience and shares an app that has made him a better person.

Power and Toughness

Modern PTQ Weekend Part Two: Affinity

Following a Connecticut PTQ and sadness playing Jund, Matt gets back on his horse (a Zipcar) and Modern Affinity’s his way to a better record and some serious bro-downs.

Card Kingdom

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Power and Toughness

Modern PTQ Weekend Part One: Jund

Jones powered through a weekend of PTQs. First stop: Berlin, CT, with Courser Jund.

Power and Toughness

A Knight of Capashen

Jones spilled paint on a Capashen Knight. He then studied it, drew it, and writes about it as an art object.

Power and Toughness


Jones travels to Philly with Bones and Clark to eat a sandwich.

Power and Toughness

The Demonologist (Potpourri)

Matt runs through his week in Magic, takes in a PTQ, loses at TDL, and thinks about Satan.

Arting Around

Power & Toughness—Germans are better at art than any other nation on Earth

Jones writes about Sigmar Polke’s art and some other stuff.

Power and Toughness

What’s With All the Sighs, Raphael?

Matt continues his existential quest for content and value through art and Magic.

Arting Around

The Blur of Journey into Nyx and Top 5 Illustrations

Matt checks out the art of Nyx and lovingly comments on it.