Wizards of the Coast has announced a new Bob Ross-themed Secret Lair drop as a part of its upcoming Secretversary Superdrop, which will be available from from November 30 to December 14.

Happy Little Gathering will contain 10 basic lands—two of each—in the normal frame. It will come in both a foil version for $39.99 and a non-foil version for $29.99, as well as redemption codes for both MTG Arena and Magic Online.

The contents of the Happy Little Gathering Secret Lair drop.

Update: While Evolving Wilds was originally announced as a part of this drop, it is not included in the official contents.

Each set of five lands is taken from one of two landscape paintings by Bob Ross, the popular American painter and host of the television show The Joy of Painting, which aired on PBS from 1983 to 1994. Ross was famous for his calm demeanor and positive outlook as expressed through phrases like “a happy little mountain” or “happy little trees” that the Happy Little Gathering drop’s name references.

Wizards partnered with the Ross estate to select the paintings that would bring these new lands to life. “I thought swamp was going to be the hardest, but it turned out to be plains,” Senior Creative Art Director Tom Jenkot told Vice’s Motherboard. “I did have to cheat a little with one of the plains by zooming in on the painting.”

The Bob Ross drop is the second announced drop that will be part of the “Secretversary Superdrop,” following yesterday’s announcement of the Artist Series: Seb McKinnon drop. The superdrop will be available from November 30 to December 14 in the Secret Lair store.

Update: Wizards has also revealed the A Box of Rocks drop as well as the Party Hard, Shred Harder drop and We Hope You Like Squirrels drop.

Similar to the Summer Superdrop in June, the Secretversary Superdrop is comprised of several drops that will be available for individual purchase. Non-foil drops are priced at $29.99 while the foil versions are $39.99.

They will also be available in three different bundles. There will be an all-inclusive bundle for $229.99, which will include both the foil and non-foil versions of the Artist Series: Seb McKinnon, Happy Little Gathering, and A Box of Rocks drops, plus one Party Hard, Shred Harder drop (only available in non-foil) and one We Hope You Like Squirrels drop (only available in foil). Additionally, all four non-foil drops will be bundled for $99.99 and all four foil drops will be bundled for $139.99.

The Secret Lair Drop Series was originally announced last November with its first superdrop, which contained seven unique drops that were available beginning on December 2, 2019. Since then, the series has produced a total of 29 drops, with the Secretversary Superdrop’s Artist Series: Seb McKinnon, Happy Little Gathering, A Box of Rocks, Party Hard, Shred Harder, and We Hope You Like Squirrels drops becoming the 30th through 34th.

Check out all of the awesome art below!






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