Wizards of the Coast announced that they would release five new drops from the Secret Lair Drop Series during next weekend’s World Championship XXVI. The contents of the drops will be revealed during Day 1 of the tournament on Friday, February 14, 2020.

UPDATE: The five drops have been revealed. They are called “Theros Stargazing” and feature all 15 of the gods from the original Theros block.

Wizards heavily hinted that the theme of the five new Secret Lair drops would be related to stars—or maybe even Nyx. “The stars are aligning,” they said in the announcement tweet on Twitter. The tweet was accompanied with a video featuring the Secret Lair logo on top of a starfield that looks like Nyx, the home of the gods on Theros, where Magic’s most recent set takes place. A marketing email sent later in the day told its readers, “Keep an eye on your inbox for a sign from above” and to “look to the stars.”

The World Championship drops will be the ninth through 13th releases from the Secret Lair Drop Series since its announcement last November. The first seven were available over the course of a week and covered an assortment of themes: Bitterblossom and Faerie tokens, four versions Serum Visions, Snow Lands set on Eldraine, three cards with the dredge mechanic, cats, goblins, and five-color legends. The eighth was released around Chinese New Year and featured eight rat cards with art showing the rats partaking in traditional celebrations.

All of the previous Secret Lair drops were available for 24-hour periods for prices ranging from $29.99 to $39.99. It’s unknown whether the World Championship drops will have similar pricing and availability.

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