On today’s Minute: We finally get to meet the Vampires of Ixalan in today’s Magic story. Plus, another awesome Magic Kickstarter!

Wizards released another episode of the Ixalan story this morning. This week, we finally meet the Vampires of the Legion of Dusk and the two legendary Vampires from Ixalan, Mavren Fain and Vona, Butcher of Magan. The Legion of Dusk is on a mission to find the Immortal Sun, like everyone else, following the footsteps of their Saint Elenda. Elenda was the first vampire of Ixalan, who was present when the Immortal Sun was stolen over 1,000 years, set off to recover it, then returned after hundreds of years to found the Legion of Dusk.

Yesterday, Josh Krause of Original Magic Art and one of the organizers of the Magic Art Show at GP Vegas earlier this year, launched a Kickstarter to fund the creation metal coins and counters for use in Magic and other games. The Kickstarter is over halfway to its $9,000 goal just 24 hours after launch and has a ton of great tokens and counters to choose from. You can find the project on Kickstarter by searching for Josh Krause or using the link in the show notes or description.


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Read this week’s Magic story about the Vampires of Ixalan here.

You can find Josh Krause’s Kickstart here.

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