On today’s Minute: Today’s Magic story finally introduces the Merfolk of Ixalan. Plus, Mark Rosewater again confirms that ninjas are coming in Unstable!

Today’s episode of Ixalan’s story finally introduces the Merfolk of the River Herald tribe. The story focuses on three leaders: Tishana, her protege Kopala, and the troublemaker Kumena. The River Heralds have been tasked with protecting the location of the lost city of Orazca, which contains a powerful ancient artifact called the Immortal Sun. However, the Vampires of the Legion of Dusk, the Pirates of the Brazen Coalition, and the Sun Empire have all found ways of determining Orazca’s location, so the River Heralds now have a choice: protect the city as before, or take the power of the Immortal Sun for themselves—before the their enemies do. Make sure the check out the whole story at magic.wizards.com.

In other news, Mark Rosewater again confirmed that the upcoming third Un-Set, Unstable, will feature the return of the ninja creature type. Ninjas haven’t been in a true set since Betrayers of Kamigawa in 2005, though odds are that Unstable’s ninjas will be much less serious than those of Kamigawa. Unstable releases later this year on December 8th.


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You can read today’s Magic story here.

You can read Mark Rosewater’s confirmation of ninjas in Unstable here and here.

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