This week the first issue of Marvel Legacy will be released. It’s a 50-page one-shot title that kicks off the latest rebooting of many aspects of Marvel’s universe. Most notably it will mark the return of many beloved characters who have been somewhat absent for the past few years. My anticipation of this new event got me thinking about Magic’s multiverse and whether or not it’s time to start considering if it’s time for a reboot.

Let’s not get hung-up on the details of how Nicol Bolas and Ugin plan on destroying the current multiverse, but instead let’s explore the endless possibilities that rebooting the entire Magic multiverse can present to us. Imagine Urza visiting the inventors fair on Kaladesh. Imagine Ob Nixilis serving alongside Greven il-Vec under Volrath’s leadership. Imagine the crew of the Weatherlight setting sail for the treasures of Zendikar or Ixalan.

Magic’s oldest stories have a special place in the hearts of all Magic fans, especially those who’ve been playing since the game’s early days. But many of the stories were not given the same treatment given to the story and characters nowadays, neither in the storytelling or on the cardboard. Wizards has an opportunity to rectify that with a multiverse-rebooting event that will allow them to bring characters back into the fold.

Ever wonder who would win in a fight between Garruk and Kamahl? What about Freyalise and Nissa? How about Gideon and Gerrard? Ertai and Jace? Tawnos and Tamiyo? Jaya and Chandra? We could go on and on but the fact remains, the storied characters of Magic’s past deserve the modern treatment so that a new generation of fans can enjoy them.

The Mending took place a decade ago. The game of Magic is very different than it was when Time Spiral block was Standard-legal. The storytelling has changed immensely. It’s time for another multiverse-changing event to take place and this time I’d like to see a a truly rebooted Magic world come to life.

The newer stories are good, don’t get me wrong. I’m enjoying Nicol Bolas manipulating the entire multiverse to his whim while the Gatewatch tries to play the role of heroes and Tamiyo’s secret society fights from the shadows and that’s not even mentioning Ugin, the Eldrazi, or Ob Nixilis. But while the new stories are good the old stories were also good and they’re a big part of Magic’s lore. But, they also fell victim to the time period in which they were written.

Some people will resist this idea because they like the old stories. That’s fine. The old stories aren’t going anywhere. But, there’s a golden opportunity to both retell old stories and give characters more of a spotlight to shine in a better built multiverse. Twenty-five years of storytelling is a long time. The first Marvel comics were printed in 1963 which was only 54 years ago. In twice the time Magic has been around, Marvel has rebooted its universe countless times. Magic has arguably rebooted only once.

Storytelling is an ever-changing art-form. The characters and stories of Magic’s past and present have eternal themes that can be re-woven with new voices and fresh perspectives. What if Serra’s realm was saved by intervention from a young Elspeth? What if Jaya’s first planeswalk brought her to the rocky mountains of Akoum?

The current multiverse is on a collision course with a cataclysm anyways. Nicol Bolas is far too close to completing whatever nefarious plan he has in-store. The Phyrexians are growing in strength every day. The Eldrazi threat is far from over. Things have never been more dire and despite the Mending successfully saving the multiverse for a short period of time, let’s face it, everyone is doomed anyways.

Why not wipe the slate clean and start over, a young Urza has just destroyed his corrupted brother Mishra. The world-spell has been unleashed and Dominaria is about to enter the crippling Ice Age. With powerstones for eyes, Urza Planeswalker takes his first step into the Blind Eternities. He reaches out for a world not unlike his own, grasping at the chaos all around him. Soon he finds a strand of civilization and grasps it. The world materializes around him. Cobblestones beneath his feet. The sweat-soaked air of an urban center. Humanoids of all shapes and sizes shove their way past him. Then, approaching him is an old man, his long grey hair tied back, his worn-out blue robes draping his shoulders. He’s accompanied by a small squad of what must be law-enforcement agents. “My name is Jace Beleren, I am the embodiment of the Guildpact of Ravnica. Welcome.”

Rich Stein is an avid fan of all things Magic the Gathering and would love to see the old stories be re-imagined in a more modern designed multiverse. Besides, we all want to see Urza fight Jace. You know it. I know it. Let’s make this happen Wizards.

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