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Paths to the Pro Tour

The RPTQ and PTQ Paths to Pro Tour Amonkhet

Learn more about the paths that passed through the RPTQ and PTQ events on their way to Pro Tour Amonkhet

None Shall Pass Bombs

Setting a New Standard

Carrie shuffled up sixty cards for the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier last weekend and barely missed snagging a blue envelope with Temur Tower.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Last Exit to the RPTQ

Carrie took a shot at qualifying for Pro Tour Sydney last weekend, snagging a last chance slot for the Denver RPTQ.

Drawing Live

Making the Unfortunate Adult Choice

No one writes about why *not* to attend a tournament. We assume everyone is about Magic first and foremost. Well, we don’t necessarily subscribe to that, and here’s why.

Card Kingdom

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Drawing Live

The Regional PTQ (Top 8), Revenge of the Top 8

Zach made Top Eight of the Regional PTQ! Here’s the big game, the big bluff, and the final match.

Drawing Live

The Regional PTQ (Top 8)

One man. One mediocre Sealed pool. One RPTQ Top Eight. Here’s the story!

What We Learned

Inaugural RPTQ Weekend

We take a look at the aftermath of the first ever RPTQ weekend

Grinding It Out

Your Guide to 2015 Season 1

We break down the details of the Pro Tour Qualifier schedule from December to February along with a few other major local events.

What We Learned

PPTQ Winners and Losers

The inaugural PPTQ season schedule was announced last week. We take a deep look at the global breakdown of events and what it means for you.

What We Learned

Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir Roundup

This week we recap all of the action from this past weekend’s Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir