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None Shall Pass Bombs

Drafting Atarka

Carrie shows how to draft Atarka decks in Dragons of Tarkir.

Silence, Exile, and Cunning

Esper Dragons and Drafts

Derek plays Esper colors this week and gets hooked.


Practicing Dragons of Tarkir Sealed

Determined to be ready for his next Dragons of Tarkir sealed GP, Hunter practiced on MTGO last weekend. Find out how his smashy GW build performed!

Counting to 20

Bombs Suck

GCB breaks down what made his draft decks at PT Dragons of Tarkir successful… or not so successful.

Card Kingdom

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It’s Easy Being Green

After a week in Europe, Hunter came back to the States itching to play some Dragons of Tarkir. Find out how he did with two green-based MTGO prerelease draft decks.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Dashing for Fun and Profit

Carrie breaks down the dashing Kolaghan draft deck.

Papa Longo's Story Time

Papa Longo’s Story Time—PPTQ’ing Somewhere in Long Island

Papa Longo tells you about his PPTQ experience in lovely Somewhere, NY.

Counting to 20

Commands in Practice

Which is the most important mode on each of the new Commands, and what does that mean for their usefulness?

None Shall Pass Bombs

Sealed with Dragons

Carrie played two Dragons of Tarkir sealed PPTQs. One deck was harder to build than the other.


My First Two Dragons Drafts

Hunter crushed his Dragons of Tarkir prerelease last weekend, and then split the difference on two drafts. Find out which deck went 0-3, and which went 3-0!

Counting to 20

Five Simple-ish DTK Cards

GCB breaks down one card for each color that have defied his expectations in Dragons of Tarkir limited.