Nova's Playbook

UW Control in Standard

Austin plays a Standard league with UW Control.

Team Nova’s Decklists for SCG Richmond

For Week 1, the team favors Nexus and White aggressive decks.

Standard Fare for Richmond

Harlan offers some deck suggestions for Week One Standard and SCG Richmond.

First Look at War of the Spark Standard

Get a jump start in new Standard with War of the Spark!

Card Kingdom

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The Saga of Thing in the Ice

We’ve come a long way from the ports of Nephalia.

Shadow League

Brad plays through an MTGO Modern League with Death’s Shadow!

Go Go Ravnica Standard with War of the Spark

Austin offers up some Standard decklists with War of the Spark joining the format.

Cards to Leave at Home for MagicFest Niagara Falls

Maybe don’t play Delver of Secrets in Niagara Falls this weekend.

Play Good Decks: The Spike’s Guide to Deck Selection

Don’t talk yourself into a bad decision.

Legacy Azorius Delver Overview and Sideboard Guide

Harlan discusses the recent changes to his Legacy Azorius Delver deck.

The Best Modern Deck That No One Is Playing

Mill—it’s no longer just a casual strategy in Modern.