Nova's Playbook

What We’d Play at SCG Richmond

Check out what Team Nova will be packing at SCG Richmond this weekend!

Practical Card Advantage in an Impractical World

Card advantage is just about playing Divinations.

Is Hogaak Worth it in Legacy Dark Depths?

Hogaak is dominating in Modern, but is it worth it to add it to Legacy Dark Depths?

Defending the Land(s)

Lands are back on the menu, boys!

Card Kingdom

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Strategies for Effective Time Management

TLDR: Get enough sleep.

What We’d Play This Weekend in Modern

Five different decks!

Modern Snapshot

Dom Harvey summarizes the Modern metagame so you don’t have to.

Some History with Eldrazi Temple

Learn why Eldrazi Tron is so powerful in Modern.

The New Modern Metagame

Get ready for your next Modern tournament, and also Mythic Championship IV Barcelona.

What We’d Play at SCG Philadelphia

Team Constructed means more decks!

Don’t Play These Legacy Decks at SCG Philadelphia

Some decks to avoid in the Legacy seat at SCG Philadelphia.