Nova's Playbook

The New Modern Metagame

Get ready for your next Modern tournament, and also Mythic Championship IV Barcelona.

What We’d Play at SCG Philadelphia

Team Constructed means more decks!

Don’t Play These Legacy Decks at SCG Philadelphia

Some decks to avoid in the Legacy seat at SCG Philadelphia.

What We’d Play at SCG Worcester

Play fast or play Nexus of Fate.

Card Kingdom

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Revisiting Golgari Depths in Legacy

Dilks on Dark Depths.

Force of Negation: You Aren’t Playing Enough

You have been warned.

Under the Bridge from Below

The Modern metagame goes up and down, and lately it goes down below.

The Complete Legacy Izzet Delver Guide

What’s the best deck in Legacy? Izzet Delver?

What We’d Play at SCG Pittsburgh

The team mostly lands on Izzet Phoenix for SCG Pittsburgh, with some Hogaak and Grixis Whirza mixed in.

Urza Dumps Tron for Grixis

Urza has a new look in Modern.

Amulet Titan with Modern Horizons

The Modern metagame continues to evolve. Consider these cards from Modern Horizons for Amulet Titan.