Leaving a Legacy

Chase “Stryfo” Hansen

The guys chat about the Stryfo Pile, where Legacy is at, the reduction in Legacy support from SCG, and more!

Eternal Weekend 2019 Recap

Jerry and Patrick break down the Top 8 of Eternal Weekend.

LaL Open V Winner DNsolver

Zac steps in for Jerry as we talk to Curtis Doiron (DNsolver) about his win at the LaL Open V.

Pioneering TheFringThing

The guys chat about Legacy in Canada, talk Pioneer implications, go over the Legacy format playoffs, and more!

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Eric’s Crab Shack Baby!

This week Pat and Jerry sit down with Eric Freytag (@SamuraiFunn) of Pucatrade.

Modern Horizons Sucks

Jerry and Patrick talk Legacy, the state of the format, and football!

GP Atlanta Champ Cyrus CG

Pat and Jerry welcome former LaL intern and the winner of GP Atlanta Cyrus Corman-Gill to the cast.

Austin Blackner

This week Jerry and Patrick sit down with GP Atlanta finalist Austin Blackner!

Patrick’s Art Corner!

This week, Pat flies solo.

James Hsu Returns!

James Hsu (Humans of Magic, Cardboard Live) returns to chat about Throne of Eldraine spoilers.

Jerry Mee Gets the D&T

Taxes and Death with guest Phil Gallagher.