Leaving a Legacy

LaL Retrospective with Connor Haley

Connor Haley joins the cast to turn the tables and ask Pat and Jerry questions!

The Meme Dream with Alex and Kyle

Pat and Jerry sit down with Alex Gardner and Kyle Moran to discuss a deck near and dear to their hearts, Worldgorger Combo!

Romario Neto!

This week Jerry and Patrick chat with Romario Neto and the scourge that is Arcum’s Astrolabe!

Tim Schulz and the Legacy Double Dash

Tim Schulz talks about the Legacy Double Dash and his efforts to keep pumping out some amazing Legacy streaming content. 

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.


Norway’s own MatsOle joins the cast to chat Legacy.

Meme Master Jasper Burch

This week we have our resident meme machine Jasper Burch on to talk Legacy!

The Companion Problem

Pat and Jerry sit down with Zac Turgeon and discuss the newest invasion into the Legacy format—Companions

Wilson Hunter Returns!

Pat and Jerry welcome Wilson Hunter back to the cast.

Roland Chang Returns with MTGPO

Roland Chang on to discuss the newest craze in our world of social distancing—Magic: the Gathering Paper Online!

The Atog Lord Returns!

This week we have Dr. Rich Shay on the cast to chat about Legacy.

From the Vault: Memoirs of a Tundra Mage

Gremlins ate this week’s tapes, so enjoy one of the crew’s classic episodes.