What We Learned


Scouting has recently come to the forefront of the collective consciousness of the Magic community. What is it and who’s talking about it?

Inaugural RPTQ Weekend

We take a look at the aftermath of the first ever RPTQ weekend

Video Replay

Should the DCI floor rules be amended to allow for video replay? We take a look at the ongoing debate.

Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir

Zac Clark takes over for a week with his guest post covering Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

The Battle for Zendikar

This week we make some wild speculation about the upcoming storyline for Magic the Gathering, but if we’re wrong you’re going to be very unhappy.

Dragons of Tarkir Design Review Part 2

This week we present part two of the design review of Dragons of Tarkir, looking at the holistic design of the set.

Dragons of Tarkir Design Review Part 1

This week we dive deep into the design of Dragons of Tarkir. Instead of looking at power level and playability we look at the holistic design of DTK.

Duels Origins and the Future of Magic

At PAX East we were able to sit down with Brand Manager Liz Lamb-Ferro to discuss Duels Origins, MTGO, Women in Magic, Pro Tour Coverage and more.

PAX East 2015

Rich went to PAX East, live-blogged the Magic panel, interviewed a bunch of Wizards people, and forgot to include an excerpt! All this and more, today on “What We Learned.”

Designing Tempest Remastered

This week we put on our designer/developer hat and build Tempest Remastered

From the Vault: Angels

Wizards recently announced From the Vault: Angels and we talk about what to expect from the 15-card box set this fall.