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A Brief Chat with Spellslingers Lead Designer Lukas Litzsinger

We catch up with one of Spellslingers’ Lead Designers ahead of next month’s expansion.

What We Learned

What to Expect From Magic 30 This Weekend

Magic 30 is finally here. Rich breaks down the weekend’s festivities and our upcoming coverage.


Magic’s 30th Anniversary Kickoff Packed to the Brim with New Promos, Previews, and a $1,000 Collector’s Product

One. Thousand. Dollars.


Transformers Universes Beyond Unveiled at Pulse Con (Plus More Artifact Schematic Info for Brothers’ War)

Pulse Con reveals for Magic and all Hasbro properties.

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Weekly MTG Brings us our First Look at Brothers War and the Power Nine are Coming to Alchemy

Weekly MTG’s monthly announcement episode brought the fire and the anvil.


Spellslingers Patch Set to Address Balance Issues with Drizzt

Drizzt has been the undisputed champion of the Spellslingers arena for the past three weeks, but that’s all set to change now.

What We Learned

Is The Pandemic Over (For Magic: The Gathering)?

Rich tackles the question of whether or not the Covid-19 Pandemic is truly over for the Magic community or not.

Tenth Anniversary Top 10

Top 10 Hipsters of the Coast Headlines From the Future

What will the next ten years bring?

Tenth Anniversary Top 10

Top 10 Planeswalkers By Homerun Distance

How far can you hit a homerun? More importantly how far can Magic’s planeswalkers hit a baseball? Find out now!

Tenth Anniversary Top 10

Top 10 Companies that Should Buy Hipsters of the Coast

Our CEO spent some time this summer trying to sell us out.

What We Learned

Welcome to Our 10th Anniversary Celebration

Our little corner of the Magic: The Gathering community is still here, still producing content, and still looking ahead to a bright future.