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Grinding It Out

Grinding it Out—Power of Three

Danny West recently suggested changing the constructed card cap from four to three and we think it’s a brilliant idea

What We Learned

Hasbro’s Q3 Earnings Report

This week we take a look at Hasbro’s latest earnings report and what it means for Magic

What We Learned

Regulating the Secondary Market

As the secondary market continues to grow we take a hypothetical look at how regulating the market could improve the game

Cultural Exchange

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

With Pro Tour Battle For Zendikar on the horizon we put together this cultural guide to the city of Milwaukee for players and fans in attendance

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

What We Learned

On Capitalism and Magic

In the wake of the value of Jace exploding we take a look at the purpose of capitalism and the nature of collectible card games.

What We Learned

Your Local Game Bar

This week we look into the business model of running a Game Store and wonder if we can improve upon it.

What We Learned

Ranking Magic’s Dual Lands

This week we look back at the history of Dual Lands in Magic the Gathering

What We Learned

The Battle for Zendikar Preview Show

This week we return to recap the highlights from the 2015 Magic World Championship

What We Learned

A Tale of Two Boxed Sets

Wizards unveiled two boxed sets in the past few weeks and they paint the wide spectrum of audiences that Wizards caters to

What We Learned

Going Further with Premier Play Changes

This week we applaud Wizards for making changes to premier play but implore them to go even further

What We Learned

Improving the Pro Tour, Conclusion

This week we take what we learned from tennis, golf, and bowling and suggest radical changes for the Pro Tour