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Paths to the Pro Tour

The RPTQ and PTQ Paths to Pro Tour Amonkhet

Learn more about the paths that passed through the RPTQ and PTQ events on their way to Pro Tour Amonkhet

Pro Tour Team Series

Pro Tour Amonkhet Team Series Countdown #28 – #25

Previewing teams #28 through #25 heading into the Pro Tour Amonkhet Team Series competition

Pro Tour Team Series

Pro Tour Amonkhet Team Series Preview

The Pro Tour Amonkhet Team Series competition will be the second of three events on the soft launch of this new annual competition. What should we expect?

What We Learned

How 428 Planeswalkers were Invited to Pro Tour Amonkhet

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Pro Tour Amonkhet?

Card Kingdom

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What We Learned

The Role of Magic Online in the Banning of Felidar Guardian

Felidar Guardian was hanging on by a thread when Wizards chose not to ban it last week. A few days worth of Magic Online data changed all that. How?

Breaking News

Felidar Guardian Banned in Standard Effective April 28th, 2017

Wizards announced the banning of Felidar Guardian after accumulating data from Magic Online about the Standard environment with Amonkhet.

What We Learned

All Aboard the Ixalan Hype Train

Are you excited for Ixalan? Forget everything you know about Amonkhet and get ready for this September’s large set release!

What We Learned

Amonkhet Superlatives

With the entire Amonkhet set available to view we chose some of our favorites and gave them high school yearbook superlatives. Enjoy!

What We Learned

Is the Magic Story Becoming a Problem for Standard?

Some folks would have you believe that the problems with competitive Magic these days stem from the shift in focus towards the Magic Story. They are wrong.

What We Learned

Should Players be Banned from Tournaments for Offensive Language

Two well-known Hearthstone streamers were banned from HGG for offensive language. Is this a good reason to be banned from tournaments? Where’s the line?

What We Learned

Magic the Gathering’s Reddit Community

Magic the Gathering and Reddit have an interesting relationship. This week we learn more about the makeup of the MagicTCG Reddit community.