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My Pro Tour Hall of Fame Ballot

Rich goes over his five selections for the 2018 class of the MTG Pro Tour Hall of Fame and talks about his decision-making process

Hipsters Presents

Paul Jordan’s 2017 Pro Tour Hall of Fame Breakdown

Paul Jordan dives deep into this year’s Pro Tour Hall of Fame ballot and breaks down a variety of statistics and other qualities of the candidates

Paths to the Pro Tour

The Pro Player Club Paths to Pro Tour Amonkhet

Learn more about the paths that passed through Pro Player Clubs or the Pro Tour Hall of Fame on their way to Pro Tour Amonkhet

What We Learned


This week we talk about the upcoming changes to appearance fees and the World Championship prize pool and how the math works out.

Card Kingdom

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What We Learned

2014 Pro Tour Hall of Fame

This week we take a look at the candidates and the voting for the 2014 class of the MTG Pro Tour Hall of Fame

What We Learned

Magic Pro Tour Database (July 29)

So here we are. It’s been awhile since we presented our Top 100 Professional MTG Player rankings. The immediate response […]