Welcome to the Pro Tour Amonkhet Team Series preview countdown. If you haven’t caught up yet, make sure you check out the previous articles and then come back here and learn about the next four teams hoping to make a big splash in Nashville!

#12 Massdrop East

One of the two teams that grew out of Team East West Bowl (the other being Massdrop West, surprise surprise), Massdrop East outperformed their former teammates by 9 points at PT Aether Revolt. This might come as a shock to some, seeing as Massdrop West has two PT winners to East’s none, put East has plenty of Top 8s to their name. Led by a foil Tarmogoyf in human form (Pascal Maynard), I’d expect to see at least a few of these guys on the Day 2 of PT Amonkhet.

#11 Genesis

As we approach the Top 10 PT Teams each roster is absolutely packed with amazing players. Team Genesis features Brad Nelson, Lukas Blohon, Seth Manfield, Michael Majors, Martin Dang, and Martin Müller…all of whom have been extremely successful at both the GP and PT levels. It’s hard to believe a team with this roster didn’t manage to crack the Top 10 but they’ll have their chance at PT Amonket.

#10 Puzzle Quest

It’s strange that only one team has the Magic logo as part of it’s team logo, but technically Puzzle Quest just uses Magic intellectual property being licensed by D3 Go!, the developer of Magic: the Gathering—Puzzle Quest. The above logo definitely implies that Wizards of the Coast has chosen to sponsor a team, but even though that is incorrect, Wizards couldn’t have chosen a better team to (not) sponsor.

I mean, come on, how is this even fair? Three PT Hall of Famers (Owen Turtenwald, William “Huey” Jensen, and Jon Finkel), plus infinite GP and PT Top 8 competitors Reid Duke, Andrew Cuneo, and Paul Rietzl? The existence of this team feels like it should be against the rules. And yet, they’re only #10…for now.

#9 Conflagreece

First there was Daneblast to win the 2014 World Magic Cup for Denmark over Greece (spoilers!). Then there was Conflagreece to lift Greece to victory in the  2016 WMC and redeem their 2014 loss. All four members of that Greek 2016 WMC team (Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Bill Chronopoulos, Petros Tziotis, and Nikolaos Kaponis) are on Team Conflagreece and are looking to continue that magic in PT Amonkhet.

David McCoy contributed to this article.

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