Aaron Gazzaniga

Senior Contributor


Brew Corner

Standard Seasoned Lands

In a bonus episode of Brew Corner, Aaron struggles with his desire to play new cards in Standard and takes an interest in lands.

Brew Corner

Taking Tamiyo to Legacy

This week Aaron delivers a different approach to control using Bant with Tamiyo, Field Researcher in order to gain value and take control over a game.

Brew Corner

Spoilers in Legacy Brews!

This week Aaron revisits a couple older brews as well as an old favorite to discuss some new additions with the release of Eldritch Moon spoilers.

Brew Corner

Standard Mono Black Control

This week Aaron takes another stab at brewing in Standard getting back to his roots with Mono Black Control.

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Brew Corner

Legacy Sliding Rhinos

This week Aaron is getting ready for SCG Worcester in a month with his new Rhino form Legacy Astral Slide build.

Brew Corner

Legacy Opposition

This week Aaron is looking to make the world miserable with Opposition in Legacy.

Brew Corner

Lucky Thirteen

This week Aaron brings you a Friday the 13th special!

Brew Corner

NO Miracle Thopter Blade

This week Aaron takes another shot at Miracles to make it a bit more efficient at killing, now with thopters.

Brew Corner

Cis-response to the NC Legislation

This week Aaron gives a cisgender point of view on the new restroom legislation in North Carolina.

Brew Corner

Squandered Jund

This week Aaron talks about an interesting idea that fellow brewer and podcaster Jerry Mee brought forth on the Leaving a Legacy group.

Brew Corner

Standard Mardu Control

This week Aaron is back in time for the release weekend of a new Standard format, showcasing Mardu control.