52 in 52


This week Rich reviews the final chapter of the Masquerade Cycle: Prophecy


This week we review Nemesis, the second chapter of the Masquerade Cycle and the story of how Crovax became evincar of Rath

Mercadian Masques

This week for 52 in 52, we look at the story of Mercadian Masques by Francis Lebaron.

Rath and Storm

This week for 52 in 52, Rich reviews another Magic story collection: Rath and Storm.

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The Shattered Alliance

This week we review The Shattered Alliance which tells the final tale of Jodah and Jaya Ballard as they pick up the pieces of Terisiare after Freyalise ended the Ice Age.

The Secrets of Magic

This week Rich reviews the story collection Secrets of Magic!

The Dragons of Magic

This week we read The Dragons of Magic, an anthology of a dozen short stories set on Dominaria and featuring, well you can probably guess the featured creature type in each story.

The Monsters of Magic

This week Rich reviews the Magic story anthology, Monsters of Magic.

The Myths of Magic

This week we continue our weekly book review series as Rich picks back up with the Magic Anthology series with The Myths of Magic

The Purifying Fire

This week we review The Purifying Fire, which one might consider a very early prequel of sorts to Oath of the Gatewatch as it features Chandra as the hero and a supporting cast that includes Gideon and Jace.

The Eternal Ice

Rich continues his 52 in 52 series, reviewing The Eternal Ice by Jeff Grubb.