During today’s preview panel at MagicCon Philadelphia, Wizards of the Coast announced that March of the Machines would release alongside five brand new Commander decks.

Don’s miss our coverage of the full panel, three Secret Lair drops, and the sneak peak at March of the Machine: The Aftermath that were also revealed during the panel!

They showed off the packaging, themes, and previewed a few cards from the decks; however, we didn’t see any of the face cards for them. Instead, the big reveal was that Planechase would be making its return with 10 Planechase cards in each deck.

The Decks

Four of the five Commander decks coming with March of the Machine are three-color decks, while one is two color. The decks are:

  • Tinker Time: An artifact tokens deck in Temur/RUG colors
  • Call for Backup: A +1/+1 counter deck in Naya/RGW colors
  • Divin Convocation: Convoke in Jeskai/UWR
  • Growing Threat: A Phyrexian deck in Orzhov/BW
  • Cavalry Charge: An Esper/WUB knights deck

Three “Team Up” Previews

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the face cards for the March of the Machine Commander decks. But we did get to see three cards!

Each card features a pair of legendary characters from the same plane teaming up to fight Phryexia and save the multiverse! They will also be available in March of the Machine prerelease kits—but won’t be playable in your prerelease decks—and  all three will have a Multiversal Legends variant.

Goro-Goro and Satoru

Goro-Goro, Disciple of Ryusei and Satoru Umezawa, from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.

Normal and Multiversal Legend variants.

Katilda and Lier

Katilda, Dawnhart Martyr and Lier, Disciple of the Drowned from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt.

Normal and Multiversal Legend variants.

Slimefoot and Squee

Slimefoot, the Stowaway and Squee, the Immortal from Dominaria.

Normal and Multiversal Legend variants.

Planechase Returns!

Planechase feels like a perfect match for the multiverse-spanning Phryexian invasion in March of the Machine. “We haven’t made new Planechase content in 11 years, so what better time to bring it out?” said Dave Humpreys, lead designer of March of the Machines.

Each Commander deck with have five new Plane cards, four reprint Plane cards, and one Phenomenon card—for a total of 50 Planechase cards.

Wizards showed off three of those cards during the panel: Towashi, Isle of Vesuva, and Spatial Merging.

Planechase was a supplemental multiplayer Magic product released in 2009 that introduced the new Planechase format that used Planes that impacted the game in different ways. Each player would have a “Planar” deck in addition to their normal deck, from which cards would be “drawn” into the Command Zone, at which point they would begin impacting the game.

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