lot of information was revealed during the March of the Machine panel at MargicCon Philadelphia—previews from the set, Commander decks, Secret Lair drops, and more—but the very end of the panel held something special: a sneak peak at March of the Machine: The Aftermath.

Aftermath was announced last year as a fifth “extra” set last year, which would follow March of the Machine as another Spring set. “The very fabric of the multiverse will fundamentally change” in March of the Machine, Wizards said at the time, and March of the Machine: The Aftermath will be “a small set release providing an epilogue to the events, tying up loose ends of an incredible story arc.”

During the MC Philly panel, Blake Rasmussen revealed it will be a 50-card set with five-card boosters and will be Standard legal.

Roy Graham, writer of the March of the Machine story, added: “The Aftermath is a narrative-focused set that game design and story and worldbuilding all were working together to make sure we were putting the emphasis on the ultimate consequences that follow the story of March of the Machine.

To show just what that means, Wizards showed off a preview card: The Kenriths’ Royal Funeral.

And check out the amazing art by Manuel Castañón.

Forgive me as I preemptively mourn the loss of High King Algenus Kenrith and is Queen Linden, the former rulers of Eldraine. But, given the choice to preview their deaths, it makes sense that the next set to follow March of the Machine: The Aftermath will be The Wilds of Eldraine.


Don’s miss our coverage of the full panel, as well as the five Commander decks and three Secret Lair drops that were also revealed during today’s panel!

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