Today, Wizards of the Coast revealed the next year’s worth of Magic: The Gathering sets all the way through the end of 2023! We’ll be returning to New Phyrexia, Eldraine, and Ixalan as Magic concludes its current story arc and begins a new one.

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Beginning with Kaldheim in February 2021, Magic’s story has been setting up for the beginning of “the Phyrexian arc” in Dominaria United. “Magic has never done a multi-set storyline quite like this before,” Wizards said. “The iconic and beautiful plane of Dominaria is under duress. War is on the horizon and it’s becoming clear that the Phyrexians we’ve been seeing from across the multiverse are setting into motion something much more sinister.”

The Phyrexian praetors have been ramping up their presence in Magic sets over the last year: Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider was seen in Kaldheim stealing a sample of tyrite, Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant appeared in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty in February 2022 where he stole The Reality Chip and compleated Tamiyo, then Urabrask, Heretic Praetor showed up in Streets of New Capenna in April 2022 to study the effects of Halo.

With the arrival of Dominaria United in September, Sheoldred, the Apocalypse will make her appearance and bring the Phyrexians to the forefront of the story as they invade Dominaria for a second time. Then, November’s The Brothers’ War will take us back to Dominaria’s past where we’ll explore the events that fractured Urza and Mishra…and “the fate of the future might be rooted in the past.”

After The Brothers’ War, we’ll continue to explore the past in…

Phyrexia: All Will Be One

“Phyrexia: All Will Be One continues the Magic story where it left off in The Brothers’ War as the battle against the Phyrexians of the modern Magic era heats up,” Wizards said. We’ll visit New Phyrexia as Elesh Norn “inches every closer in her plan to conquer the universe.”

“Things look grim, terror and oil oozes from every corner of” New Phyrexia, Wizards continued, “as we experience the fear—and joy—of becoming one.”

March of the Machine

Then, we’ll fully return to Dominaria’s present with March of the Machine, which will be “the epic conclusion of the four-set story arc that began with Dominaria United—and ends with Magic forever changed.”

The set will be the dramatic conclusion of the Phyrexian arc, where the “entire multiverse rallies together for one epic, climactic battle.”

“But what will be left when the dust settles? Will we survive?”

March of the Machine: The Aftermath

How will Magic change after March of the Machine? Well, we’ll find out where the multiverse stands in March of the Machine: The Aftermath.

“The very fabric of the multiverse will fundamentally change” in March of the Machine, Wizards said, and March of the Machine: The Aftermath will be “a small set release providing an epilogue to the events, tying up loose ends of an incredible story arc. ”

Wilds of Eldraine

After the Phyrexian arc winds down, “the storybook world of Eldraine awaits as we venture beyond the kingdoms with Wilds of Eldraine.” We last visited the plane of Eldraine in Throne of Eldraine in October 2019.

This time, we’ll be “taken away from from the cities and castles and into Eldraine’s Wilds, where enchantments abound and where you might even recognize inspiration from even more classic fairytales.”

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan

2023 will conclude with a “return to the plane packed with pirates (and dinosaurs) in Lost Caverns of Ixalan.” We last visited the plane of Ixalan in Ixalan (September 2017) and Rivals of Ixalan (January 2018).

Things have changed since the powerful artifact, The Immortal Sun, disappeared,” Wizards said. “For this set, we’re spelunking for buried treasure…and there might just be some dinosaurs.”

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