Wizards of the Coast announced today that Magic: the Gathering Arena will arrive on iOS devices and tablets tomorrow, March 25, 2021.

“We can hear the iPhone fans rejoicing from here,” they said.

Wizards didn’t provide any information on which iPhone models will be able to play MTG Arena, the version of iOS that will be required, or which tablets would be supported. Hipsters asked the MTG Arena team for details on these and any minimum performance requirements for playing MTG Arena on iOS and tablets and they said that they will have more information to share soon.

MTG Arena’s arrival on iOS comes two months after it was initially released on Android as part of the Kaldheim Early Access event. Tomorrow’s iOS release will also be accompanied by an update for Android devices that will include performance updates.

Wizards also acknowledged today that MTG Arena is currently experiencing a bug where the game will occasionally show you as offline, despite the fact that you are in fact online. While in this state of limbo, users are able to send messages and challenges to friends, but their friends will be unable to send messages or challenges to the affected user.

“We’re working on a long-term fix for a future release, but if you find yourself stuck in this state there are two ways to escape,” Wizards explained. First, “[i]nstead of exiting the game, log out completely and log back in. [Then, o]pen your social menu and toggle between offline and online.”

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a big day in Magic, with both the release of MTG Arena on iOS and tablets, as well as the official start of Strixhaven previews. Stay tuned!

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