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Welcome back to the Goblin Lore Podcast. Today we have a solo episode with HobbesQ discussing mental health recovery and asking for help. We had originally planned to discuss stigma this week but that topic ended up being bigger than our prep time and also fitting for the end of #MentalHealthAwareness Month! Hobbes also tried out his fancy new microphone sound booth and realized that it works…almost too well…his very inhalations could be heard. He apologizes and we have decided not to eat him.


Also May is Mental Health Awareness Month. All month we will be focusing on this and additionally want to provide resources for anyone who needs to reach out and talk to someone or to learn more about Mental Health in general. For general Mental Health the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has great resources for people struggling with mental health concerns as well as their families.

If you’re thinking about suicide or just need someone to talk to right now, you can get support from any of the resources below.




You can find the hosts on Twitter: Hobbes Q. at @HobbesQ and Alex Newman at @Mel_Chronicler. Send questions, comments, thoughts, hopes, and dreams to @GoblinLorePod on Twitter or [email protected].

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