Yesterday, some Ravnica: War of the Spark novels were delivered to readers a week before its official release date of April 23, 2019.

Hipsters of the Coast spoke to Sol O’Rielly, who ordered Ravnica: War of the Spark from Indigo Chapters, a Canadian bookstore. He said that his book arrived yesterday despite being given an estimated delivery date well after April 23. O’Rielly shared a few pages from his copy with Hipsters, which largely confirm the plot points that have been spreading on reddit.

Loose Lips

While the early delivery of some novels doesn’t appear to have been intentional, leaks are nothing new to Magic. In 2011, the entire New Phyrexia “God Book” was published online, then in 2017 the entire rare sheet of Ixalan was leaked, and just last year the release notes for Dominaria were accidentally posted early.

War of the Spark continues Magic’s long history of leaks, starting with a grainy image of many of the headlining planeswalkers from War of the Spark, which was posted to reddit before the official preview season started. That post was followed by a series of Spanish-language leaks that revealed some of the God-Eternals and the Finale cycle, and now the early delivery of some Ravnica: War of the Spark novels.

War of the Spark Story Spoilers

This article originally included details from the novel which have since been removed. 


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