Yesterday, Wizards of the Coast acknowledged that the Chinese translation of the Release Notes for Dominaria had leaked. They first appeared on a Chinese gaming message board and were quickly posted to reddit, where the community translated much of the information they contained.

In an uncharacteristic move, Wizards announced that the leak was indeed real, released all translations of the Release Notes, and admitted that the leak was actually their fault. The timing of the leak indicates that Wizards accidentally sent their Chinese team the release notes for Dominaria when they meant to send the release notes for Masters 25, which were published yesterday ahead of today’s official release.

Release Notes are a document Wizards typically publishes the day before a set is released. They contain an overview of the set’s themes, the new and returning mechanics, as well as rules explanations of many cards. The leak of the Dominaria Release Notes means that we now know not only the themes and mechanics of the set, but 142 of the 269 cards, including all of the planeswalkers, most of the rares, and many of the uncommons.

Unfortunately, this kind of leak isn’t unprecedented. Just last year, the entire rare sheet from Ixalan was leaked a full three months before its release. But the most infamous leak in Magic’s history was the publication of New Phyrexia’s so-called “god book” in 2011, which included every single card in the set.


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