Before Wizards decided to give us "Pivotal Moments" we had to string Magic lore together through the cards (and books). This is my understanding of Dissension.

Our story opens with Teysa investigating the reappearance of Feather, a former Boros angel. Feather was Agrus Kos's former partner and has yet to be seen in card form. (Even 7 Ravnica sets in.) Feather was jailed for trying to escape the Boros guild. Now, she had somehow found her way into serving Teysa. Speaking of Agrus Kos, he's a ghost now and working for the Azorius. And during his shift word gets out that some of Feather's friends are about to crash an airship into the Azorius senate. But because the political intrigue hasn't gone far enough, first Feather has to go on trial for her crimes. It turns out that long ago, powerful beings (pretty sure this was old school planeswalkers) used to come to Ravnica on a regular basis and do some Rakdos & chill. But that stopped with no explanation. (This was no doubt Azor.) So the angels of the Boros investigated it. The Guildpact iteslf created a seal to the rest of the multiverse in and out of Ravnica. This was also the explanation for why the dead never pass on. Agrus Kos is then brought to the stand to answer for his crime of arresting Szadek back in City of Guilds' story. This act was against the laws of the Guildpact. (In this moment, I understood why it took me so long to finish this book.) There is a subplot involving Jarad stopping Terry Soh from sacrificing his kid to summon the renowned demon, Rakdos the Defiler. Then Jarad gets overwhelmed. And Rakdos gets summoned. Across town, Agrus rolls up on Momir Vig unleashing his grand design, experiment Kraj. Kraj and Rakdos fight! Then, I kid you not, Kraj. Absorbed. Rakdos. And that is the "most beloved" magic plane.

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