The 2018 World Championship starts this Friday. To celebrate, Fantasy Pro Tour has a special World Championship league for you to join and (hopefully) win! It’s super easy to play and absolutely free.

New League Structure: Pick 6

The World Championship is a unique event on the Pro Tour because it features such a small number of players. A 24-person tournament like the World Championship doesn’t suit itself to a traditional snake draft so we’re launching a new draft type: Pick 6!

Playing in a Pick 6 league is easy. All you have to do is join a league and pick your six favorite players. It doesn’t matter what players anyone else in the league chooses for their team—none of their choices affect the players available for you to draft for your team.

Because you can choose the same players as another user, it is possible that two users could select the exact same players for their teams. If this happens, the tiebreaker will be who submitted their team first. But, since the World Championship league is free, tiebreakers shouldn’t be an issue. If you have better ideas, feedback is always welcome!

Public Leagues

The Fantasy Pro Tour league for the 2018 World Championship is public, meaning that you will be competing against people from around the globe. Public leagues are a great way for you to test your fantasy skills against a larger group of people, but don’t worry—the only thing your opponents will be able to see about you is your team’s name.


One of the key components of any fantasy league is using stats to guide your player choices. We’ve been hard at work compiling and devising statistical measures for Fantasy Pro Tour, and we’re happy to include our very attempt at MTG Fantasy stats in this week’s World Championship league.

The first of our stats is xRank, which represents the power ranking of each player by the Fantasy Pro Tour staff. There’s a forthcoming article with our reasoning for each player’s rank, which uses a player’s ELO rating, Top 25 ranking, plus Limited and Standard performances.

The second stat we’re making available is each player’s ELO rating. ELO is a scoring system where every player starts with a rating of 1500. After each match, the winning player takes points from the losing player. The amount of points at stake is determined by the difference in the players’ ratings. For more, check out the excellent MTG ELO Project.

These two stats are just the beginning. Hopefully you find them helpful in your draft!

Need Help?

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There’s A Lot More To Come

We’re hard at work improving every facet of Fantasy Pro Tour and have some exciting projects in the works. Stay tuned for details!

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