Toy Fair 2018 took place over the weekend, and Magic had a small presence focusing on previewing the packaging and Planeswalkers from the upcoming set Dominaria.

Dominaria’s packaging confirms that Karn, Teferi, and Jhoira are going to play roles in the story, which we learned last week from Dominaria’s head writer Martha Wells. The set’s pack art also seems to feature and older Jaya Ballard, who is thought to be traveling with Gideon when Jace planeswalks to join him on Dominaria at the end of the Rivals of Ixalan story.

The Magic display at Toy Fair 2018 also revealed the set symbol for Dominaria as well as the two Planeswalkers that would be featured in Dominaria’s Planewswalker decks. Chandra will get another deck of her own, despite not being mentioned as a main character by Martha Wells, but more interestingly, Teferi will also get a Planeswalker deck. In case you missed his last appearance in Magic’s story, Teferi sacrificed his spark in order to phase the island of Shiv back in, which he had originally phased out to save from the Phyrexian invasion. So either Teferi has regained his spark, or, more likely given that he is pictured with hair in his art from the set, a younger version of the time mage appears in the story of Dominaria.

Finally, we learned last week that Tezzeret would be featured in Core 2019 this summer with some beautiful artwork, and the display at Toy Fair 2018 confirmed that he would be appearing in one of Core 2019’s Planeswalker decks.


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