This morning, Wizards of the Coast announced that they would be changing the Friday Night Magic promos back to foil Standard-legal cards from the new foil double-sided tokens. The return of the old FNM promos will coincide with the release of Dominaria on April 27th, 2018.

This change comes after Wizards started a firestorm last summer by changing FNM promos from the traditional foil, alternate-art Standard cards to foil double-sided tokens. The community’s response to the original announcement was swift and overwhelmingly negative, and people were even more disappointed when they finally got their hands on the new token promos. It turns out that being foil and double-sided doesn’t make up for having the same art as a tokens you’d find in booster backs.

In other news, the Magic community has been consumed with a discussion about whether or not cards from Lantern Control need to be banned from Modern. Luis Salvatto won Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan over the weekend with the deck, and many viewers were turned off by the deck’s win condition, which involves locking the opponent out and then milling their entire library. Stay tuned next weekend for Grand Prix Toronto, which is the first major Modern tournament after the Pro Tour, to see if Lantern really is the best deck in the format. The next Banned and Restricted announcement, which will be Wizards’ first opportunity to ban a card from Lantern Control, will be on February 12th, the Monday following GP Toronto.


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Read Wizards of the Coast’s announcement about the return of FNM promos here.

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