This morning, Wizards of the Coast announced the dates and formats for Magic’s 2018 Nationals.

Each country can hold their Nationals tournament on one of five dates: June 30, July 21, August 11, August 18, or September 8. The formats for Nationals will be a mix of Standard Constructed and Booster Draft, with the Top 8s featuring Standard. Nationals that reach a certain player threshold will be split into two separate days, much like Grand Prix, and every player in every Nationals will receive a Flooded Strand promo just for participating.

The top two players from each Nationals will qualify for their national team to play in the 2018 World Magic Cup, which will take place in Barcelona, Spain from December 14 through 16. They will be joined by the top Pro Point earner from their country and will compete in a mix of Team Sealed and Team Unified Standard for the title of Magic World Cup Champions.


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Read Wizards of the Coast’s announcement about 2018 Nationals and the 2018 World Magic Cup here.

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