On today’s Minute: All of the teams for the 2017 Magic World Cup are set. Plus, the final episode of the Ixalan story.

Now that all three Nationals weekends are over we finally have the full list of teams for the Magic World Cup in December. Early favorites include Brazil, which will field a team of three Pro Tour winners: Paulo Vitor Data da Rosa, Carlos Romao, and Lucas Esper Berthoud; as well as Japan, a team that will feature two Pro Tour Hall of Famers in Yuuya Watanabe and Shota Yasooka, as well as Kenta Harane.

The US team isn’t far behind, with Pro Tour Champion Gerry Thompson and Reid Duke, as well as the 17 year-old US National Champion Oliver Tomajko, while Canada’s team will feature heavyweights Eduardo Sajgalik and Lucas Siow, along with Kale Thompson.

The Magic Wold Cup will be held on December 1st through 3rd in Nice, France.

Wizards of the Coast released the final episode of the Ixalan story this morning. In it, all four factions are racing towards Orazca to claim the Immortal Sun. Unfortunately, the story ends as they arrive at the Lost City, so we’ll have to wait for the Rivals of Ixalan story to start next year before we find out what the Immortal Sun is.


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You can see the full list of 2017 Magic World Cup teams here.

Read the final episode of the Ixalan story here.

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