On Today’s Minute: News broke last Friday that popular cosplayer Christine Sprankle was leaving Magic due to a sustained campaign of targeted harassment and abuse.

Last Friday, members of the Magic community were outraged to discover that popular cosplayer Christine Sprankle had decided to leave Magic as a result of a year of targeted abuse and harassment. Sprankle wrote on Twitter that Jeremy Hambly, also known as MTG Headquarters and Unsleeved Media, had made her life hell with abusive videos and tweets about her, her appearance, her cosplay, and her Patreon.

The response from the community was swift. Content creators and community members, including Wedge, Athena, and Erin Campbell, opened up about how Hambly had targeted and harassed them in the past. Today, the Professor posted a video detailing Hambly’s incessant harassment and abuse of many members of the Magic community, including the Professor himself, and spoke very emotionally about the toll such vitriol can take on a person.

As of this recording, Wizards of the Coast has yet to release a statement about Sprankle’s departure. Their official Twitter account acknowledged the incident but didn’t include any specific plans for reducing harassment and bullying in the community nor any specifics about potential punishments for Hambly.


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