On today’s Minute: Wizkids, makers of Heroclix and Dice Masters, announced new Magic miniatures and a board game. Plus, Unstable finally solves Contraptions!

This morning, Wizkids announced that it would be releasing a new line of painted Magic miniatures and a Magic board game next fall. The miniatures will feature some of Magic’s most popular token creatures, while the board game will allow players to play as planeswalkers, exploring Dominaria, establishing connections to mana sources, and casting spells from a hand of cards. Wizkids is best known for its collectible miniatures game Heroclix as well as the dice-building game Dice Masters.

Preview season for Unstable, Magic’s third Unset, is in full swing. Yesterday, Mark Rosewater revealed how he finally solved the design of contraptions, one of Magic’s longest-running mechanical jokes. In his preview article, Rosewater wrote that an Unset’s silver-bordered environment was the key to making the mechanic work, allowing him to design a separate deck of contraptions cards that can be assembled by players and affect the game every three turns. It’s a pretty complex mechanic, but it seems to be wacky and flavorful enough to be a big hit with Unset fans. Make sure to check out Rosewater’s preview article for a full explanation of how the contraption mechanic works.


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Read Wizkid’s announcement of a Magic board game and miniatures here.

Read Mark Rosewater’s preview article explaining Contraptions in Unstable here.

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