On today’s Minute: Unstable’s preview week has been packed with firsts: the first Un-story, the first Un-Walker, and full-art tokens!

As Unstable’s preview season rolls on, it’s clear that Wizards of the Coast and Mark Rosewater are intent on using the third Un-Set as a vehicle for plenty of Magic firsts. This week, Rosewater confirmed that Unstable will be the first Un-Set to feature an official story, which will be published sometime in the next few weeks, and confirmed that the set will include Magic’s first silver-bordered Planeswalker.

Today’s Unstable previews included the revelation that every pack will include a foil token—and that half of those tokens will be full-art, borderless, and textless. In addition to a foil token, each pack of Unstable will include two Contraptions, one full-art John Avon land, and 11 normal cards.

In other news, Hasbro, the parent company of Wizards of the Coast, appears to be interested in acquiring rival toymaker Mattel. Mattel has struggled over the last five years, seeing its stock fall 60%, while Hasbro’s stock has nearly tripled. It’s unlikely that any potential merger between the companies would have a major impact on Wizards of the Coast, which mostly operates independently of Hasbro.


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Mark Rosewater reveals that there will be an Un-Story here.

Mark Rosewater confirms that Unstable will have a planeswalker here.

You can see the full-art, borderless, textless tokens here.

Read about Hasbro’s interest in acquiring Mattel here.

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