Wizards revealed Explorers of Ixalan today, which combines multiplayer Magic with board game elements. Plus, Magic has a new logo!

The world got its first look at Explorers of Ixalan today, a game that Wizards of the Coast describes as a, “Quick to play, stand-alone Magic: the Gathering experience.” The latest supplemental product from Wizards combines elements of a board game with multiplayer Magic. Each player takes on the role of one of Ixalan’s four factions by playing a 60-card deck and players can spend mana to uncover tiles on the game board to obtain powerful effects and search for the lost city of Orazca. The game will come with four pre-constructed decks that will include reprints from outside Ixalan, like Threads of Disloyalty, Time Warp, and Day of Judgment.

Over the weekend, Wizards of the Coast revealed the new re-designed logo for Magic: the Gathering. The announcement was unsurprisingly met with resistance from the community. The more modern look is a departure from the more traditional fantasy logo that has adorned the game’s brand for 25 years. For more details and in-depth analysis on this change you can check out today’s articles from Ryan Sainio and Katie Bates over at hipstersofthecoast.com.


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You can watch the Explorers of Ixalan reveal video here.

Read Ryan Sainio and Katie Bates‘ takes on the new Magic: the Gathering logo.

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