On today’s Minute: First-timers took down GP Shizuoka, while Juza, Burkhart, and Baeckstrom defeated Peach Garden Oath at GP Providence. Plus, John Avon’s Kickstarter has absolutely blown up.

Last weekend’s Team Limited Grand Prix were just as exciting as expected. In Shizuoka, Japan, first-timers Michio Abe, Syo Hayakawa, and Kentarou Tachibana claimed victory after surviving a Top 4 stacked with top pros, including the team of Yuuya Watanabe, Shota Yasooka, and Hajime Nakamura in the semifinals, and Kelvin Chew, Lee Shi Tian, and Jeremy Dezani in the finals.

In Providence, Rhode Island, Owen Turtenwald, Reid Duke, and William Huey Jenson of Peach Garden Oath reached the finals of their second consecutive Team Limited GP. They faced off against Martin Juza, Corey Burkhart, and Andrew Baeckstrom—with both Juza and Burkhart having faced PGO in the finals of the previous Team Limited GP in Cleveland last June. But this time, Juza, Burkhart, and Baekstrom were able to defeat Peach Garden Oath and win GP Providence.

In other news, John Avon’s Unhinged playmat Kickstarter has surpassed $320,000…well above it’s initial $7,000 goal. You still have time to get your own playmat for $35, though now it will be signed and be accompanied with a random artist proof and a set of prints of the art from the new full-art borderless Unstable lands.


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