On today’s Minute: Wizards revealed the next three months’ worth of Grand Prix playmats—and there are some sweet ones!

This morning, Wizards revealed the playmats for the next three months’ worth of Grand Prix. The highlight of the announcement are the three double-sided playmats for GPs Providence and Shizuoka, which are both Team Sealed events that will be held on Ixalan’s release weekend. Each playmat will feature two pieces of art from one of Ixalan’s tribes—Merfolk, Vampires, and Dinosaurs…but not Pirates. Instead, the pirates of the Brazen Coalition will plunder all three of the playmats at the Team Limited Grand Prix in Lyon, France.

In an interesting move, the Team Unified Modern Grand Prix held in Madrid, Spain will award three playmats that feature the Legion of Dusk, the tribe of Vampire conquistadors that are modeled on the Spanish conquistadors of the 16th and 17th centuries. The last three planes, Kaladesh, Amonkhet, and Ixalan, have all relied heavily on real cultures and history to build their worlds, but this is the first time that Magic has used a nation’s imperial past as inspiration for its story.


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Read Wizards’ Ixalan Grand Prix playmat announcement here.

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