On today’s Minute: Sultai Energy took 1st and 3rd place at SCG Dallas over the weekend, plus John Avon’s Kickstarter passed $350,000.

Ixalan Standard made its tournament debut at the Star City Games Standard Open in Dallas over the weekend. In what seems to be an emerging trend for Standard tournaments in the US, two brothers dominated with an identical deck. Andrew and Dan Jessup finished first and third overall, both with Sultai Energy. The deck looks fearsome, marrying the energy package with Black-Green Constrictor and Hostage Taker. Vraska, Deathgorge Scavenger a.k.a. the new Scavenging Ooze, Spell Pierce, and Duress all make appearances, as does Standard all-star the Scarab God. Is this the new face of Standard oppression? The other decks in the top eight included Ramunap Red, Four-Color Energy, UW Second Sun, and Esper God-Pharaoh’s Gift.

John Avon’s Unhinged playmat Kickstarter campaign grew by another $20,000 overnight to over $350,000. With just under 48 hours left in the campaign the fifth stretch goal has been achieved and every backer will receive a collection of 5 exclusive double-sided prints featuring the unhinged basics on one side and the unstable basics on the other. Avon announced he would hold a 30 minute Q&A livestream this Thursday at 11:45am Eastern to celebrate the end this incredibly successful Kickstarter.


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