On today’s Minute: US nationals are this weekend and will be streamed live on Twitch. Plus, Wizards’ agreement with Twitch is preventing Norwegian nationals from being streamed.

The final weekend of National Championships is upon us. Several of the largest countries on the Magic scene will crown their champions by the end of the day Sunday. Among these are Brazil, Canada, Italy, South Korea, Spain, and the United States. US nationals will be streamed live on Twitch this Saturday starting at 9am Eastern at twitch.tv/magic.

Since the World Magic Cup replaced the Team World Championship in 2012, the United States has failed to even qualify for the top 8 bracket. Even so, the tournament has had some exciting finishes, from the Daneblast to win Denmark the 2014 World Magic Cup, to last year’s Conflagreece that made Greece reigning world champions.

Casting a shadow on the entire weekend is the news that the tournament organizer of Norway’s national championship allegedly had their request to livestream the event denied by Wizards of the Coast. According to a statement from Wizards of the Coast, their partnership with Twitch prevents additional National Championship events from being streamed live on any platform. On-demand video can be uploaded 24 hours after the event, so hopefully we’ll all get to see the action from Norway next week.


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Watch the Daneblast to win Denmark the 2014 World Magic Cup here.

Watch the Conflagreece to win Greece the 2016 World Magic Cup here.

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