On today’s Minute: William Huey Jensen remained undefeated on Day 1 of the World Championship.

Day 1 of the Magic World Championship is in the books. After 3 rounds of Draft and 4 rounds of Standard, William Huey Jensen is the only remaining undefeated player at 7-0. Behind him at 5-2 are Kelvin Chew, Josh Utter-Leyton, and Seth Mansfield.

The Draft rounds revealed that Ixalan is yet another extremely fast Draft format, with players prioritizing 2-drops and other cheap, interactive spells. The most successful archetypes on Day 1 were Blue Green Merfolk and Red White aggro.

The Standard rounds didn’t have any surprising decks, though not a single White card was registered in any of the 24 lists. About half the field brought Ramunap Red, followed by both straight Temur Energy and 4-Color Energy featuring the Scarab God. But the talk of Day 1 coverage was the UB control deck, featuring Search for Azcanta.

Coverage of Day 2 begins tomorrow at 9am eastern, with another 3 rounds of Draft and 4 rounds of Standard. Tune in on twitch.tv/magic or follow along with us on Twitter @hotcblog.


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